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Scott Joseph Moore - Fine Art

Scott Joseph Moore created Moore Art Expressions with the intention of providing a platform for the development of his fine art career. Specializing in bronze sculpture, Scott uses all of the tools at his disposal to develop the most innovative sculptures of our era. Sales by appointment. Call Scott @ (941)-774-9468

Bronze Restorations

We Repair, Restore and Maintain all types of Sculpture!" Moore Art Expressions employees with many years of experience with bronze patina and the repair of sculptural art. If you have any type of sculpture, indoor or out, that is in need of minor cosmetic or major reparations. Give us a call today @ 941-235-8091.

Molding and Casting

Got an idea for a sculpture? Do you want to make duplicates in different materials? Let us produce a high-quality mold for your creative vision. We can then cast the sculpture in bronze, Forton, or other materials, and will complete the project with a custom patina or paint job. Call us today @ 941-235-8091.

A Full Service Sculpture Studio

Moore Art Expressions (MAE) in Port Charlotte, FL is a sculpture production facility with an emphasis on commissioned sculpture and limited edition bronze casting. We also fabricate and cast in a number of other materials to suit each client. If you are an art patron looking to commission a custom sculpture or an artist in need of casting services, we can accommodate you. Other sculpture services include mold making, restoration, repair, and fabrication of architectural elements.

MAE: Founded by an Accomplished Sculptor

Scott J. Moore has embraced a passion for the visual arts throughout his lifetime. He moved his creative enterprise from Sarasota to Port Charlotte, FL in 2014. With over 15 years of experience in the sculpture casting business in Southwest Florida, Scott and his talented team will make sure your project is a complete success.

From the initial concept on through design and production of every creative project, we pride ourselves on achieving the highest level of excellence,

Patina Prep

Want to participate in making our dream come true?

"Carp A Tempus" is an upcoming 6-foot tall bronze sculpture, currently in the process of being sculpted. Help us make it a reality.