About Us

About Us


Our Approach

Moore Art Expressions creates art that puts the "unity" in community. We focus on providing a collaborative experience between the client and our studio. Through our commitment to providing an innovative solution to our client's creative needs, we approach each project with purpose, passion, and a positive attitude.

Our Story

Since childhood, fine artist Scott Joseph Moore, has always wanted to enjoy a professional career in the arts. Working many blue-collar jobs throughout his life, he has learned many of the necessary skills to master the art of lost wax bronze casting.

Armed with this experience, Scott launched his own business, Moore Art Expressions, to offer real-world solutions for all your sculptural needs. Since then, we have ventured into a variety of different artistic arenas, including public awareness campaigns, and community outreach art projects.

We are excited to be on the threshold of exponential growth!

Meet the Artists

The team members at Moore Art Expressions are more than just co-workers; we are a family. Together, we form a well-balanced team, in which all of us play our parts to realize any creative vision that enters the studio doors.

Scott Joseph Moore

Founder and Head Artist

Entrepreneur and creative visionary, Scott Joseph Moore, believes that we all create our own realities based on our focus. He chooses to look at the lighter side of life in all aspects of his business and personal ventures.

Robin Warsaw

Office Manager and Artisan

Robin is responsible for keeping the business moving forward. Not only is she skilled in many artistic endeavors, such as casting and painting, she also rules the office, by efficiently filling out paperwork, and acting as a liaison between the studio and its clients.

Robin is an excellent musician and music teacher. She also enjoys exercising at YouFit, and a nice swim in her pool.

Chris Moore

Artisan - Chasing

Chris, son of Scott, heads the chasing department, which means that his tool of choice is a high-powered electric die grinder. He uses it to grind the seams of Forton or bronze sculpture and is particularly adept at replacing texture.

He also enjoys making complex electronic dance music on his free time, and regularly travels across the country to attend huge music festivals where he dances himself to complete exhaustion.

Fred McKenna

Artisan - Casting

Bring Fred a mold of a sculpture, and he will reproduce a high-quality duplicate in a material called Forton. Whether large or small, Fred is a master at creating strong, and sturdy sculptures that will last for decades.

On his free time, Fred has a side business where he fixes furniture. He also enjoys spending time with family, a cold Guinness at The Celtic Ray, and wandering around in nature.

Morderchay Ramos

Artisan - Moldmaking

Morderchay heads the molding department, where he works with silicon rubber, fiberglass matte, and Forton to generate sturdy, high-quality, molds of any sculpture. The resulting casting is guaranteed to look nearly identical to the original piece of art.

Morderchay participates in a variety of activities outside of the studio. He runs his own dojo where he teaches kickboxing and karate. He also sells raw, organic honey, and will occasionally act in commercials or movies.

Alexa Snyder


Alexa is our head designer here at Moore Art Expressions, and has employed her creative abilities in a number of exciting ways. Not only is she an extremely talented painter, she has also very quickly picked up on the art of sculpting.

On Alexa's free time, she enjoys binge watching shows and painting fantastic murals.

Yaya Diamond


Yaya performs many functions for Moore Art Expressions. Heading our social media campaign, she ensures that everyone knows what is going on in the studio. She serves as the primary webmaster, and compiles Scott Joseph Moore's e-books.

Yaya is also a very talented singer and performer. She particularly likes funk and is a member of the band, Reverend Barry and the Funktastic Souls.


Help make "Carp A Tempus" a bronze reality!

"Carp A Tempus" is a work in progress, currently being sculpted in oil clay. It will eventually be an 8-foot tall bronze sculpture designed as a centerpiece for a decorative fountain.

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